WALL PANELLING - the trend that has gripped the nation. With works class supplier; Orac decor

Episode 31,   Apr 28, 2022, 11:30 PM

This month we talk to an absolute favourite supplier - Chelcie from Orac decor.  You might find their name familiar and that’s because we have before now featured Orac on the podcast with other product ranges (we’ve previously talked about coving).  But this month we are talking wall panels and specifically formed panels which can be installed yourself - without the cost of a professional carpenter or decorator.

So good, anyone can use. 
Unlike plaster, timber or MDF where real experience is required to get the instillation right, Orac wall panels are designed to be installed without training.  All you need is joint adhesive and you are ready to go.

But my walls are uneven or curved?  Can I still have panels.
Uneven walls are no a barrier to great style!
The flex product is designed for rooms which have gentle curves or walls which are either old and uneven or just not done brilliantly. 

This isn’t overly technical or complicated
You don’t need to be an architect or designer to talk to Orac - just tell them the shape of your space and the look you want. - Orac will do the rest.

Proper design inspiration in insta
I have a chat with Chelcie about the really varied ways that the panels are used. You are limited yourself if you are ONLY thinking walls.  Bars, kitchen islands, column… just a few great spaces which are upgraded and turned into a grade a feature using this simple material.

Work in sympathy with your home!’

Chelcie Lachenicht from Oran Decor

3 top tips. 
  1. Work in sympathy with your building.  If you are living in a victorian style home - you might want to match in victorian style or a modern home might work with the modern geometric styles. 
  2. Get your proportions right.  Plan before fitting.  Look at your doors, your plug sockets.  Consider all these elements and measure and draw them out.
  3. If you have a door architrave, this ideally should be deeper than the panels.  It just looks better.  If you have a door block, again, this should be proud.

We will look at your drawings, photos - what ever you have.
Following Abi’s advice of measure twice, cut once - Chelcie talks about how they encourage people to measure, sketch, take photos and even put in place samples - all to help confirm that the product they are choosing is right for them. After all, we only want to install this material once and then sit back and enjoy the compliments from our family and friends!


Budget is an emotive subject.
Orac say - choose our best selling products, such as the Dura Polymer range (PX 103 & PX 120 for example).  This will create an excellent effect on a budget.  If you have a bit more budget to play with then the Puro Touch range ( P8030 and P8020 for example) These are slightly bigger and more details.  They look AMAZING when installed.  

There are also ready made products which require no cutting, receive and stick (plant) onto the wall.

Where to make savings on wall panelling?
Products which require cutting in order to install should be done by a professional with the professional tools - if you don’t have these tools or don’t have a budget to buy in a carpenter then consider the full preformed panels. 

When do I start talking to companies like Orac?
The great news is (dependent on stock levels) the delivery time can be as little as 5 days.  BUT get in early when thinking about panelling to allow time to get samples, live with it for a while and then purchase the final product.

Best idea Orac have been able to fulfil.
The 3D wall panels which are used in place of a headboard.  The guys from Orac are just overwhelmed by the ideas from designers and enthusiastic home owners.  The combination of the way the panels are assembled and then painted - it literally creates unlimited design options. Please please see the Orac instagram account for so much inspiration.

‘ If you have used an Orac product and you are proud - please share it & tag us, because you will automatically have two likes from Chelcie and me!’

Abigail Hall AKA the Queen of Construction and Orac panel super fan

Best lessons on wall panelling.
The products all come primed, meaning you just need to do your finish (paint).  Orac even sell the adhesive to do the install - a literal one stop shop.

They are even insect proof! Abi then goes on to tell a very longwinded anecdote about why we think of timber and plaster or heritage look but infact those aren’t always the best materials… and if a period property were doing the install today - they would be looking to use polymer products as it is designed to stand the test of time. 

For more information
The website - which is a super source of advice and inspiration and is found https://www.oracdecor.com/en_gb/ On the Website are all the contact details for Chelcie and her team.  Also find them on Instagram under @OracDecor_UK

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