Christopher Cherry - Co-producer of the Toronto 48 Hour Film Project

Season 1, Episode 23,   Apr 25, 2022, 07:45 PM

In this episode, Krk and Indra chat with Christopher Cherry, long time co-producer of the Toronto, Canada 48 Hour Film Project. We discuss his journey from film to participating in and ultimately running the 48HFP in Toronto. Along the way, we discuss the virtues of attending film school as well as the benefits of not attending film school and just diving into the industry by working in film and television at entry level positions. We then devolve into meandering chatter about set slang, tattoos, Canadian period piece television, Steven Spielberg, Sam Raimi, Matt Berry, What We Do In The Shadows, and Peter Jackson. There's also some jabber about middle child syndrome.

48 Hour Film Project Toronto

48 Hour Film Project San Francisco

48 Hour Film Project Arnhem

Soylent Green

Tattoo Bob

What We Do In The Shadows