Friday, April 29: This Week's Flubbles; Futuristic Technology; Nightmare Neighbors

Apr 29, 03:11 PM

The Flubble Montage was carried by the resident flubble king, AJ. He flubbed and mumbled his way through catch-phrases, weather reports, and live reads. (0:00)

Gadget Guy Steve Greenberg on the futuristic technology (in 2022) that may be a part of our every day lives in the near future. (4:51)
Scot Haney admitted the tux he'll be wearing to a family wedding, belongs to a dead guy. (15:15)

Comedian Jimmy Rap was hanging out in studio as the Tribe called in to share stories about their nightmare neighbors. One caller remembered her nightmare neighbor very clearly, as he stabbed her father five times. (23:17)

Boss Keith's Top 5 list covered the most popular news stories of the week, and featured a rant about morons on Twitter. (28:33)

Image Credit: ipuwadol / iStock / Getty Images Plus