The Outsider with Dani Fernandez

Episode 120,  May 04, 2022, 08:00 AM

Actress, writer and whirlwind personality Dani Fernandez (Ralph Breaks the Internet) joins Wampler and Vespe to talk a little bit about The Outsider. The conversation starts with loving up on the Twilight Zone before moving onto the HBO adaptation of King's novel, the unbearable hotness of Ben Mendelsohn, superstition, cryptids, aliens, and, naturally, Oprah's psychic. Yes, Oprah has a psychic and Dani visited her. Come to this one ready to go down some weird alleyways, folks.

Sometimes these episodes feature deep dives into King's writing and examine theĀ  subtext of its cinematic adaptation and sometimes these episodes use the title at hand as a jumping off point for a chaotic conversation. This episode is the latter.