Breathe to Improve Core Stability

Season 3, Episode 15,   May 04, 2022, 11:03 AM

Welcome to season 3 of the mindfulness Pilates podcast, I’m Beverley Densham Pilates Teacher of over 24 years. I really look forward to bringing you tips to reduce back pain and feel good, relaxation, positive affirmations, and inspiration every week to inspire you in body and mind for more relaxation, stretching, core stability, back strength and happiness. 

How to improve your flexibility. Stretching is an important part of reducing back pain to feel good. They have to be the right stretches for you & level. Today was over the moon to be included as Pilates expert in this article in live science written by Catherine Renton. Love the research she included. (My sports science side of me loves that) Love how she also included my 6 minutes mindfulness Pilates tip before breakfast! Basically practice 6 minutes Pilates before breakfast everyday. You can read the article here on how to improve your flexibility 

It also demonstrates how a study shows increased stability strength, balance & mobility  in Pilates compared to yoga 


Beverley Densham, 

mindfulness Pilates Teacher & Author