Wednesday, May 4: Dumb Ass News; Dave Chappelle's Attacker; Chaz's Bruce Springsteen Dream

May 04, 03:20 PM

Dumb Ass News - Chaz and AJ didn't read the story they intended to, but the conversation still devolved into a rant about Chaz's distaste for support animals in restaurants and planes. (0:00)

Dave Chappelle was physically attacked on stage last night during a Netflix comedy show, and there were a few videos of the incident and aftermath. Chaz and AJ specifically focused on the injuries of the supposed/alleged attacker. (8:31)

Movie critic Joe Meyers was on this morning to give the Top 5 summer movies to get excited for, but the conversation started with the Chappelle incident, and what that means for comedy in the future. Attorney Norm Pattis was also on the phone to illustrate how these moments may affect free speech. (26:44)

Chaz had a dream about Bruce Springsteen last night, and he shared all the bizarre details with everyone. Why was a naked, bloody Bruce Springsteen on his bedroom floor for days? (48:38)