Friday, May 6: The New Tick Disease; Scot Haney Hates Mayonnaise; Mother's Day

May 06, 2022, 04:15 PM

Every week, AJ hopes for someone, ANYONE to take his crown and dominate the Flubble Montage. This week, was not that week.  (0:00)

A spreading tick-borne disease that can kill you, with no symptoms. Ivan the tick guy was on to explain the new, terrifying virus, and then admitted that he loves ticks. (6:22)

Scot Haney is no fan of mayonnaise. The Tribe started to call in their thoughts and opinions, including one guy who is so disgusted by the condiment that he threw a friend in the pool for flicking some onto his face. (22:44)

Boss Keith's Top 5 was more a fact-finding mission for him this week, trying to spend the least amount of money possible on Mother's Day gifts. (37:08)

Image Credit: piyaset / iStock / Getty Images Plus