Not Goodbye, but See you Later

Season 16, Episode 1,   May 07, 2022, 04:30 PM

Welcome Back to Blue Moon Vibes! The podcast that makes you laugh a lil' bit, cry a lil' bit, and think a lil' bit! My goal is to be the one that gives you more than you asked! I hope you can find value in these topics, and they become something that you talk amongst your friends and family about! Don't shy away from challenging issues because that is where growth happens! The change you want to see is the change you must create! We are worthy, we are tenacious, we are strong, and we are purposeful! The only way to erase the divide is to unite as a nation and treat each other as people, with respect and courtesy!

Not Goodbye, but See you Later

It's The End

Hello, my friends. Well, we have been together for a while now, but there comes a time when you just need a break, and that time has come for me. I am mentally exhausted, my friends. I have so many things going on, and I have chosen to take a step back from everything for a moment just to regroup. Now, this does not mean that I am letting go. This does not mean that I am quitting; what it means is that I have reached a point where I don't feel I am giving it my all, and I don't want to just put anything out there for you guys. I want it to be enjoyable and something you can talk with your family about. I have been going on 1000 for almost nine months with no break and hardly any rest, and I am about to break, so I'm going to step away before I reach that point. I didn't just want to vanish and not give you guys some reason because I feel like we are friends, and you all should know. So as the title says, it's not Goodbye; just see you later for now. Right now, I plan to return in July, provided all goes well and I am back to myself. If not July, I will post the updated anticipated return date on my socials, so make sure you all are following so you don't miss that update. Life is unpredictable sometimes, and some things we just can't control. We have to be in-tune enough to know what those are and strong enough to bow down and accept our rest. So just know, I'm taking rest for me to be better for you and THE BEST I CAN for everything! See you all soon :-)

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