S4E15: Sam is Also Here

May 07, 2022, 03:10 PM

A promotion special with fellow Gentleman Ultras John, Ben, Pavel and Julia as we discuss Vyškov, Třinec and Vlašim, have a retro Beer of the Podcast, bring all the Hot or Nots, decide on our Moments of the Season, and take part in a game of "Ústí player or Communist?".
0.00 - opening
1.45 - MFK Vyškov vs. Zbrojovka
12.00 - The Mysteries of Otakohoutek
15.40 - Zbrojovka vs. FK Třinec
28.40 - Beer of the Podcast
33.40 - Quiz Time!
41.20 - Hot? Or Not?!
57.40 - Vlašim vs. Zbrojovka (very briefly) and Moments of the Season
1.04.10 - outro