On apprenticeships as an alternative to university- "Get The Jump"

Season 3, Episode 27,   May 09, 2022, 07:46 AM

There’s a broad presumption that after school there’s A levels and then onto university for a degree. A lot of young people just seem to get swept along on this fast-flowing river of higher education. But with increasing options and alternatives, are we doing enough to make sure that our teens know what else is out there for them?

This week Nathan, founder of The Study Buddy, is chatting with Faith. Faith has taken the decision not to go off to university and instead has taken up an apprenticeship. In fact a financial crime apprentice at Lloyds Bank. Faith is also featured in the Government’s ‘Get the Jump’ Skills for Life campaign. 

Get The Jump" Skills For Life is an initiative aimed at helping 14-19 year olds understand the choices available to them as they take their next step in education and training, and inspiring them by highlighting some of the future jobs these could lead to. Visit gov.uk/get-the-jump for more information on the different routes that are available – after the episode, of course!

In this episode, we hear Faith explain her reasoning for following the apprenticeship route, despite an expectation that Uni is the next step for teens after college. Faith talks openly and enthusiastically about her chosen path - and it's really refreshing to listen to!

In this third season of the podcast, Nathan - founder of The Study Buddy - will be talking to parents, students and teachers about GCSE and A Level exams in 2022. Sharing these real-life experiences will confirm we're not alone and should also provide plenty of advice and tips when it comes to supporting our own teens.

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