Monday, May 9: Wanted Man Talks To Police On Facebook; Alabama Prison Escape; We Chat With Dean Cain

May 09, 2022, 03:28 PM

Dumb Ass News - Starting a conversation on Facebook with the police department that is actively looking for you seems like a bad idea. This guy actually managed to do it in a funny way. (0:00)

AJ picks his own stunts, and the choice he made for this morning's stunt was a bad one. Chaz couldn't get over the fact that AJ seems too willing to punish his genitals. **Please do not put IcyHot anywhere near your genitals! (4:20)

A story from Alabama has been going viral, after an inmate has escaped from prison after taking advantage of a corrections officer. Chaz and AJ spoke with Joe Carlone, a former corrections officer, and Sean Hennessey, a comedian who's spent a lot of his youth in correction facilities. Neither one of them were surprised by the details of the escape, and both have a grim prediction for how things are going to go for the corrections officer. (17:28)

Actor Dean Cain was on to talk about his new movie, the college football records he still holds, and dodged a lot of Ashley attention over some fake-sounding nude pictures she found on the internet as a teenager. (38:27)

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