The Convenience Store Haul (Spring '22 Edition)

Episode 170,  May 11, 05:00 AM

Before you head out on the road, listen to this episode!

In this week’s episode, Lisa and the gang are taste-testing a whopping 15 food finds from CVS, 7-Eleven, and more convenience stores! Finds like chocolate-covered edamame, 3 different types of jerky, a super tasty find from Chex Mix, honey roasted pistachios, cookies from Lenny & Larry, a sparkling drink from Evian, and SO MUCH MORE. Plus, the find of them all: a wellness drink made with cacao that is a must-try ASAP! Go ahead and push play now, then when you’re done, head on over to our Foodcast page for a list of the products mentioned in the episode.