The Booty Train | Married At First Sight Recap: Season 14 Decision Day

Season 2,  May 12, 04:01 AM

It’s Decision Day!  And we can't think of anyone who could’ve predicted the outcome.  Yonni & Terryl share their thoughts on the season 14 Decision Day of Married At First Sight.  

2:23 Jasmina & Michael
9:20 Katina & Olajuwon
14:11 Noi & Steve
19:14 Lindsey The Lohan & Mark The Shark
24:35 Reunion predictions

Ever been somewhere and overheard two guys having a crazy conversation over random topics? Well we are those guys and we have been having these conversations since college. Do we agree on everything? Hell no, but we have fun anyway. We talk sports, politics, pop culture, other bs and now Reality TV!!! Pour yourself a drink and listen in. 

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