Episode 67: Live at Byline Festival

May 12, 2022, 10:46 PM

This live podcast was recorded at the Byline Festival in Notting Hill - I was joined by Dr Julia Grace Patterson, Lord Victor Adebowale, and Lorraine Collins.

Dr Julia Grace Patterson is the founder and chief executive of Every Doctor, a campaign group advocating for better working conditions for NHS staff and her team have worked tirelessly to protect the well-being and future of doctors and nurses across the country.

Lord Victor Adebowale is the chair of the NHS Confederation and has worked extensively in the field of health inequalities.

My third panelist, Lorraine Collins is a psychotherapist and qualified cognitive-behavioral therapist. Her work in mental health proved to be extremely challenging throughout the pandemic.

We all believe there are many lessons to be learned since the start of the pandemic.

More importantly, is enough being done or are we just receiving empty promises from our ministers and leaders?

Make sure you follow and support Dr Julia Grace Patterson, Lord Victor Adebowale and Lorraine Collins - they're doing some incredible work!

A huge thank you to the team at Byline and Byline Festival for all their hard work to make this happen!