SunBôw TrueBrother - Sasquatch, UFO, Star Elders - are Related. Part 2

May 12, 2022, 11:08 PM

“We are hollow bones, blessed with the breath of life, to heal our Soul and help consciousness to evolve.” - SunBow TrueBrother, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh

Interview with Sunbow - Part Two

In this segment we talk about the Sasquatch/ET/Crystal connection, the initial meeting with Kamooh - hearing mindspeak, being surrounded by a whirlwind and various clues of the Sasquatch presence.

Sasquatch, Star Elders and Crystals -
“found on the young virgin newly reformed Earth a fertile ground for the implantation of crystals. These highly evolved sentient entities of the mineral kingdom can store memories and energy charges.” - Sunbow True Brother, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh, Goodreads.

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity - 3 book series.
Sunbow TrueBrother, Amazon.

SunBôw received and transcribed these messages from an Elder Sasquatch named Kamooh in 2015 while in British Columbia, Canada:

Knowing that my Sasquatch people exist forces you to reconsider all your certainties and beliefs. Our very presence proves that you are not the only, nor the first form of intelligent life with spiritual consciousness on this home-planet, even less so in the whole Omniverse of which you are a tiny part.

Interview Part One - Adopted by the Hopi, Prophecy Rock, UFO sighting - HUGE Mothership. 

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