SNEAKO Convinces me to CHEAT on my Girlfriend?!

Episode 13,  May 13, 03:23 AM

Sneako convinces me to cheat and why it's valid to have side pieces while being in a relationship. I try to convince sneako why being in a healthy relationship is better for your mental health and we debate on what type of relationships are better. tune in.

01:33 Sneako's Opinion About The Open Relationships
02:37 Why Sneako's Relationship Is Healthier Than Jimmy's
02:56 Why would you only want one pu**y in your life?
03:36 What do have girls more to offer than their body to a man?
04:58 How did Sneako find his philosophy about open relationships?
07:12 They want to be fu**ed like whores!
07:54 Jimmy's emotional connection with girls before having sex  
08:38 Hoes opinion doesn't matter!
11:10 The story about Sneako's first relationship with a girl
12:36 What do men and women really want in a relationship?
15:26 What experience did Sneako get from going to the swinger parties?
16:45 The real reason why Sneako cheats on his girlfriend!
18:26 Sex is a disrespectful act!
19:40 Girls don't have personalities!
21:00 What is the ideal relationship for a Sneako?
22:03 Sneako's experience with seeing his girl fu**ed by other guys.
24:55 How did Sneako get over the fear of losing his girl? 
25:37 The story about a creepy guy at the swinger party!
29:30 How to make sure girl that your girl never leaves you!
31:46 How did Sneako got over the fact that his girl been with other guys?
35:51 The reason why Sneako enjoys big arguments in the relationship!
37:14 Was it easy to be single for Sneako after the break up?
37:38 How does the Sneako approach girls at the club?
40:30 All women are boring!
42:00 How the society treat women and men!
43:27 Does body count in matter?