Decarbonising the Island

Episode 7,  May 16, 08:00 AM

The need for action on climate change is urgent, and risks leaving communities behind. This episode deals with a fair and equitable transition to carbon neutrality that empowers people across the island to have a meaningful say and accrue local development benefits. We discuss principles of deliberative democracy and community wealth building as tools for a just transition, and addressing complex problems through simple solutions. 


Rebekah McCabe is the Northern Ireland engagement lead at UK's public participation charity. Her focus is on developing the awareness, understanding, and use of participatory and deliberative tools across government and civil society. 

Khalil Moran is the project coordinator at the democratic workplace in Wicklow. They are studying for a PhD funded by the Irish Research Council looking at community wealth building in Ireland. Wicklow Democratic School 

Suzie Cahn has more than 20 years of experience in community development, education and project management across a wide range of sectors. She previously worked with the TASC’s (Think Tank for Action on Social Change)’ Climate Justice Centre (TASC Climate Justice) managing the People's Transition pilot projects. She is currently directing the iCommunity project with NICVA and the Wheel. The Wheel.