Modern Asthma Care & SMART Strategy with Drs. Juan Carlos Cardet & Elliot Israel

May 16, 2022, 02:49 AM

In recognition of May’s Asthma Awareness Month, this episode highlights our conversation with Dr. Juan Carlos Cardet at University of South Florida and Dr. Elliot Israel at Brigham and Women’s Hospital about the most common respiratory disease in the U.S. It provides a deep dive into the guideline-supported SMART strategy, role of COVID-19 in current asthma risks, and research into the medical and financial impacts of asthma on the U.S. patient population.

Episode highlights
0:16 The Discovery of Asthma
2:12 Introducing Elliot Israel, MD, and Juan Carlos Cardet, MD, MPH
3:20 Defining the SMART asthma strategy
5:46 The slow rollout of SMART
10:19 The strategy and findings of the PREPARE trial
21:41 How to initiate patient-activated reliever-triggered inhaled corticosteroid
25:15 The effect of COVID-19 on real-world asthma trials
27:40 How to lessen the disparities of asthma
31:14 Outro

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