BONUS: Shelbyville Chapter 1

Episode 122,   May 16, 2022, 08:00 AM

Welcome to Shelbyville, an Actual Play RPG series presented by The Kingcast and featuring your beloved co-hosts, Scott Wampler and Eric Vespe, as well as Kingcast favorite and mother of Chutt Buggins Mallory O'Meara and Game Master Jacob Hall.

Set in the fictional Maine town of Shelbyville, a rival neighbor town of Castle Rock, in the early '90s, Shelbyville focuses on three tweens: a clove-smoking goth girl named Crystal, a weird 12 year old pyromaniac known as Bug and a rebellious, mouthy delinquent named Bruce.

Previously only available to Kingcast Patreon members, Shelbyville will be released in the main feed all this week leading up to the big Season 1 finale, which drops on our Patreon this Friday.

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Episode 1 starts off with the hosts building their characters, figuring out their skills and traits and learning the ropes on playing a tabletop RPG before the story begins in earnest as all of our characters find themselves in a Saturday detention even more hellish than normal.