Miguel Cullen

Episode 50,   May 18, 2022, 04:03 AM

Episode 50 with Miguel Cullen.

Hitting the half century, we speak to British-Argentine poet and journalist Miguel Cullen, author of collections including Wave Caps (2014), Paranoid Narcissism! (2017) and, most recently, Hologram (2022). Miguel's work has involved integrating sound chips and video-screens into the bound collections, raising some interesting blends of form. He has been published by Caught by the River, Abridged, Lunar Poetry, Magma Poetry, Purple Fashion Magazine and Stand. He was shortlisted for the Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year Award 2020.

Ambit magazine wrote about his latest book, Hologram: "Is this the first ever poetry book with a film screen? Psychedelic modernity, embracing London meets LatinX, a collage of myths in language medium and form."
Our chat (somewhat truncated by some sound issues) covered the factors that lead to pieces becoming a collection, the confrontation between competing attitudes towards the canon (whatever that means!), what artists from other forms can bring to written work, and the potential fire risk of pushing formal boundaries.

Miguel's collections are available through Odilo Press: https://www.odilopress.com/ - Hologram is also available through Bookshop: https://uk.bookshop.org/contributors/miguel-cullen - or your local bricks and mortar book shop...

Miguel's website is here: https://miguelcullen.com

Miguel is also on Twitter: @MiguelCullen2

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