How Autism Drives Human Invention

Episode 12,   May 20, 2022, 08:12 AM

A while ago Simon Baron-Cohen filled up the big concert hall at the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation with curious and excited Science and Cocktails participants when he gave his talk on How Autime Drives Human Invention.

And after the talk, there were more than a hundred questions from the audience. 
We picked out some of them and met Simon Baron-Cohen on zoom on Friday afternoon.
This podcast is basically Simen Baron-Cohen answering those questions. So it is a contribution to the very interesting talk he gave in Copenhagen. And If you were not there you can watch the whole talk on Science and Cocktails Youtube Channel. 

Contributing Scientist: Simon Baron-Cohen
Journalist, Sound designer and producer; Sofie Hjorth 
Music composer; Hjalte Bested Hjorth