On Legitimacy, Tenacity & The Wizard of Oz (feat. Kim Hayden)

Episode 73,   May 23, 2022, 05:31 PM

How are you showing up in your business - as an expert, as an advocate, as a supernova? Or are you playing it safe? Putting yourself out there day-after-day is freaking HARD - it requires so much of us: courage, confidence, grit, faith. But we can so easily undermine all these traits with spray-and-pray marketing efforts and misplaced humility. What would change if you fully owned your expertise and took up more space?

This week, Annie P. sits down with powerhouse and native Kansan, Kim Hayden. Dorothy Gale's adventure down the Yellow Brick Road is a lifelong love of Kim's - accompanying her through her abusive childhood, through multiple TV shows, career pivots, and millions of dollars made. In this episode, she delivers a masterclass on what it is to have true staying power in your industry - using only the skills that have been inside you all along. No Wizard required - this episode will unlock the brilliance and confidence lingering in you!

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

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