Be Gentle With Yourself

Season 3, Episode 18,   May 25, 2022, 06:00 AM

Be gentle with yourself 

April J Harris is an award winning lifestyle blogger living in the south of England, who launched her first website in 2002. One of the UK’s first lifestyle bloggers, April helps her followers get the most out of life at home and away with delicious recipes, ideas to help them make the most of their homes, travel stories and tips, and inspiration to help them embrace their own unique style. 

April and her husband live on the edge of the beautiful Berkshire countryside in the south of England. She is a Pilates and fitness enthusiast, a keen reader and a huge fan of all things motoring. 

🎧 the reason April started Pilates

🎧 how keeping active, walking & meditation are part of a daily practice 

🎧 April’s morning routine secrets 

🎧 shares a very personal rock bottom

🎧 Losing her parents 6 weeks apart in 2007/2008 

🎧 Blogging & the fascinating reason April started blogging & now has over 30,000 readers a month 

🎧 all about the  blog, and how does it help and inspire. Talking food, exercise, travel & even coeliac disease, gluten free & even exercise tips when out & about or travelling 

🎧 goal setting 

🎧 talking perfection & ‘there’s no such thing as having the perfect life’

🎧 April’s top tips: 

🎧 ‘it’s more important to just enjoy where you are’ April J Harris 

🎧 ‘be kind to yourself’ April J Harris 

🎧 ‘be gentle with yourself’ April J Harris 

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