He Grew 300k on Youtube But Sacrificed 8 Years of Life

Episode 12,  May 25, 11:14 PM

GET DIRECT DATING ADVICE FROM ME: https://fanhouse.app/downbadshow/fanwall (Subscribe to gain access to 30+ unreleased content) ✍️Access to One on One Coaching Calls 🤝Have Your DMs Answered By me. 📞 Calling the Viewer Videos 💪30 Day Body Transformation Groupchat 👍 Early Access to New Videos 🤝Bonus Down Bad Show Content. 👆One EXTRA Podcast a Month. Today I brought on TheTalentlessWriter, a friend of mine who you may recognize from my Virgin Video with Violet. We talk about how he sacrificed 8 years of his social life & dating life to chase his dream career in youtube/ Was it worth it? What did he learn? Would he recommend it? Find out on this episode of the down bad show. This week's GUEST: TheTalentlessWriter @TheTalentlessWriter https://www.youtube.com/c/TheTalentlessWriter LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/2xNirr9xb7YS3ZyxPIds4d?si=2ad8e875982946b8 My Personal IG: https://www.instagram.com/jimbaslice/ Produced by Gabe Agsar https://www.youtube.com/c/GabeAgsar Business email: Jimmyzhanggroup@gmail.com Timecodes: 00:00 WELCOME BACK 00:49 TheTalentlessWriter wrote a F**k Boy book for Jimmy? 01:24 TheTalentlessWriter in the Violet Myers Virgin Video 02:06 TheTalentlessWriter's Backstory 04:00 Dropping out of College 4 times to do Youtube 05:50 Sacrificing College Life for his Career 06:32 Does Youtube success get you more girls? 07:25 Did being a Virgin for so long eat away at you? 12:00 How to be confident if you're an awkward person 13:35 The Secret to Jimmy's Confidence 15:30 TheTalentlessWriter's Scariest Tinder Experience 17:00 a girl TheTalentlessWriter has been simping 2 years for 19:26 Does fapping lead to not getting girls? 23:00 Career Goals & Transparent Youtube Finance Talk 29:30 Why Jimmy didn't continue doing sit-down comedy videos 30:45 Whats your most down bad moment? 33:00 The time Jimmy ALMOST lost his Virginity & how it benefitted him 35:40 Jimmy and The TalentlessWriter on What made you do youtube 38:40 Were the Social life sacrifices worth it? 42:07 What would you tell your younger self? Biggest Life Tips 45:00 Paying to lose your Virginity? 46:36 Sacrificing S*x for 8 years & Deep Youtube Career Tips 49:29 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT