May 26, 09:00 AM

Episode 96. Recorded LIVE Thursday, May 19th at the Echoplex with returning guests Big Lucks of the Hard Luck Show (Ep 39 & 40), Kingsley and Minerva (Ep 80), Gregory (Ep 79), Nick Curtis (Ep 89), Alex 2Tone of Powerful Truth Angels (Ep 11), Ann Pyne (Ep 69), Glynis (Ep 88), Reno (Ep 25 and waaay more), and your hosts—Risky Wager, Uncle Mike, Lawrence, and Ukrainian Danny. They're all here for It's All Bad. (Apologies we did not get a clean recording of Giant Drag's musical performance...Guess you had to be there!) Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and thanks to all those who couldn't make it but have continued to support us all these years anyway. We love you all.