Thursday, May 26: School Security; The Dumb Thing That Sent You To The ER; Chaz's Sandpiper Lunch

May 26, 03:08 PM

Joe Russo, a former secret service agent was on to talk about school security. How can teachers and administrators keep students safe? What is the answer to repeated school shootings around the country? (0:00)

Charles Parnell is an actor in the "Top Gun" sequel, and was on to talk about the four auditions he had to do before getting the job. Charles also shared a great story about the first time he met Tom Cruise. (18:55)

Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to call in the dumb things they've done, that brought them to the ER. A lot of stories about trauma to fingers, and Sandra is just a walking accident waiting to happen. (26:55)

Dumb Ass News - Amanda the teacher waited on hold to share her ER story, needing an ambulance after taking a horse kick to the face. (33:46)

Jeff Warshaw, the CEO of Connoisseur Media, was on to recap yesterday's lunch with Chaz at the Sandpiper in East Haven. (39:14)

Image Credit: monkeybusinessimages / iStock / Getty Images Plus