Selling Dead People's Things with Duane Scott Cerny

Episode 206,  May 29, 01:29 PM

Duane Scott Cerny, Selling Dead People's Things, antiques, author, writer, Chicago, Natural Born Killer, Chicago PD. Chicago Fire, house music, Frankie Knuckles, LGBT, LGBTQIA, death, sideshow, freaks, haunted, scary

The author of the book "Selling Dead People's Things" Duane Scott Cerny regaled Mark and Nicole with great and sometimes scary stories from over 30 years of buying and selling antiques.
Duane actually got his start reselling his friend's toys as a kid, then nude pictures his father brought home from his job as Playboy (to his bullies), He then detoured to study with the state poet laureate, get into the burgeoning house music scene and put out some of the first vinyl recordings of the legendary Frankie Knuckles, and eventually went from a basement store selling lunchboxes to owning the largest antique store in Chicago. He rented a 2 headed cow to Oliver Stone, showed vintage sideshow pictures to Mark and Nicole, and told stories of haunted furniture such as an unplugged TV turning on and a mysterious desk with mysterious writing which scared staff and customers alike.
This ain't no Antique Roadshow...

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