WEALTH, HEALTH & HAPPINESS all from the way you design and build your home? The art of Feng Shui.

Episode 32,   May 30, 2022, 02:50 PM

This month we are talking to Feng Shui expert, podcast host and published author Patricia Lohen from Powerhouse Feng Shui.

We talk about the accent art of Feng Shui - 5000 year old principles applied to our home extension or renovation.

Did she manifest me?
First things first, it is possible that Patricia manifested me to be on the podcast this month? We connected on a group of experts and when Patricia saw the name of the podcast she said she had to come on the show.

Why use Feng Shui?
Why use Feng Shui - it help people make and create happy homes. It comes from the Chinese characters of good health and good harvest (which we translate to wealth).

Every part of your home is impacting on wealth, happiness and health.

What’s the point?
Your home has such a powerful influence on what is happening in your life, your bank account, your relationships, your health, your career…. According to the principles of Feng Shui, every part of your house is impacting every part of your life.

Patricia is sure; what ever if playing out in your life right now, the energy in your house has something to do with it.

‘Feng Shui makes and creates happy homes!’ Patricia Lohan from Powerhouse Feng Shui

What are we trying to avoid?
When Patricia first started her practice she joined in with the simple tips and basic beginners course. But what happened was that she wasn’t investing in the main issue and only giving surface solutions.

But what they needed was deep and fundamental advice and a quick and simple service wasn’t enough. Making this change made her realise that this is a complicated and in-depth - that it can’t really be watered down.

But sometimes it starts with one tiny action.
One of Patricias clients had been wondering about getting involved and heard about the importance of creating an attractive entrance. A small act either created or coincided with a new client contacting her. She felt that was auspicious and signed up for the full course.

Three take aways.. before you learn more.
1) Avoid having a direct line of sight from your front door to your back door, if you have this is there a way of creating a block through a door or a piece of furniture, to slow down the energy.

2) Avoid being in the house when you are making significant changes. All the upheaval also creates a huge disruption in energy and this can really impact you. If you have to remain, consider getting some metal chimes which will help absorb the energy, which has the double benefit of also leaving you with some lovely chimes to have in your garden.

3) If you are going to do work on the home… let the house know! Do a meditation or check into the house and ask it, is there anything it needs. Is there something which needs to be solved or fixed?

What about the wealth bit? Houses have energy and when you extend the house, this energy changes, so Patricia advises consulting to ensure that your positive energy home doesn’t change into a negative energy house which won’t connect to the positive energy you want for your home.


Budget is an emotive subject - how much does it cost to engage a professional?
Patricia wants to ensure you are getting a personalised service as each home and owner is unique and this needs one to cone consultation.

Engaging a professional ranges from £2000+ for a course through to £8000+ for 1:1 services.

Other advice for budgeting, It's great to do some self learning and starting on your existing house, before you build you dream house or do your extension. Start today because it may make the energy improve which will help accelerate the achievement of that dream house build!

For more information The website - which will showcase the various service which Patricia offers is https:// patricialohan.com/ it includes the contact details for Patricia and her team. If you have enjoyed this episode please rate, review and subscribe as it helps other home owners Design their Happiness.