Mochu – Narrating Art, Deep Time and Freeports

Season 2, Episode 12,   May 31, 2022, 02:47 PM

Mochu is an artist who creates narrative technofictions in his films, writings and lectures. In this episode, he presents an audio adaptation of his new book, Nervous Fossils: Syndromes of the Synthetic Nether, which discusses fossils, synthetic colour production, and time-traveling syndromes. The episode takes place in an art freeport and drifts between essay, fiction and mythology. It's a wild philosophical ride into deep time.

Ross Simonini

Produced by ArtReview and Ross Simonini
Image courtesy: Adityan Melekalam + Mochu
Audioscape: Suvani Suri
Sound Recording: Abhishek Mathur @ Quarter Note Studios