From door knocking to Downing Street with Reggie Nelson

Episode 12,  May 31, 03:57 PM

When he was 23, Reggie Nelson hit the headlines for previously knocking on doors in one of London’s wealthiest boroughs and asking for careers' advice. His boldness paid off, and several years later, Reggie is now an associate at Blackstone a social media influencer and author of Opening Doors, now available on Amazon. 

Yet in the midst of his success, Reggie has also dealt with his share of adversity. 

Growing up, Reggie faced a household with alcohol addiction, growing up in a single parent household and personal loss. 

Even as he was pursuing a career in the City, Reggie still encountered rejection from his first choice internship, imposter syndrome and feeling like he did not belong. So how did he find the confidence to continue? 

Here, Reggie shares his upbringing, how personal loss motivated his journey to the City, running campaigns with The Prime Minister and much more.