TWIN PETES INVESTING Podcast 76: Winning investing topslicing strategy, FTSE 100 8000 or 7000? May outperformers, Bear & Bull market strategies, HYVE BMK CFYN GSK ULVR DUKE Renewables, GOLD, Tech, FX, ATG VTY GLAN Takeovers, Psychology, Inflation & more

Episode 129,  Jun 02, 11:01 PM

The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include:
Winning Topslicing investing strategy
FTSE 100 at 8000 or 7000?
The Month of May performance outliers
Bear & Bull market strategies
Oil / Commodity/ FX
Concentrated portfolios Vs Diversified portfolios
FTSE 100
AIM Index
Inflation / Recession
More Takeovers / Activism
Caffyns / CFYN
Benchmark / BMK
B&M European Value Retail / BME
Duke Royalty /DUKE
GSK / Haleon
Glantus Holding / GLAN
Auction Technology / ATG
Vistry / VTY
& Much more
The Twin Petes Challenge 2022 / Charity fundraise for the BACK UP Charity
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