Friday, June 3: This Week's Flubbles; Dumb Connecticut Laws; How To Get A Check From The State

Jun 03, 2022, 03:49 PM

The week in flubbles. AJ remains convinced, every week, that he "had a good week this week, I think." Wrong again, AJ! (0:00)

Chaz's son is moving to Las Vegas. He was on to explain the incredible job he's taking out there, and shared all the things he's learned about the local scorpions there. (7:07)

Boss Keith's Top 5 was a list of the dumbest laws in Connecticut, and offered a sneak peek at his terrible driving history. (22:21)

How to get a check from the state of Connecticut, with Vinny Candelora. (29:51)

Image Credit: AndreyPopov / iStock / Getty Images Plus