Marina Minetti on how promoting effort pays off

Episode 10,   Jun 07, 2022, 05:18 PM

Marina Minetti tells us how she went from growing up as a tomboy in Finland with barely any girlfriends to becoming the leader of Girlie Camps and now the powerhouse behind "Progsession" the Swedish Snowboard Association's initiative to promote girls and women's riding.

Marina Minetti is a criminal therapist as well as the woman behind the Swedish Snowboard Association initiative to promote girls snowboarding and freesking called "Progsession". 

Marina was born and raised in Tampere, Finland and in this conversation she tells her journey from when she was a teenager and discovered skateboarding, having to take a break from all sports due to a threatening sickness to rediscovering snowboarding and using sport to get out of "trouble". 

As a tomboy she never had many girlfriends, and she narrates how she even felt uncomfortable being around other girls. However, that changes after embarking to an adventure that took her out of her comfort zone and change her professional and personal life forever. 

We also discuss what is Progsession doing to support girls and evolve the riding level in Sweden, what she understands for support and promotion of a sport and what's needed to keep evolving as a community. 

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