Wednesday, June 8: The Best Movies Of 1982; Strange Things TikTok Doctor Finds in Backsides; AJ Vs. Siri

Jun 08, 2022, 03:52 PM

This year marks the 40th anniversary of "E.T." Does the movie still hold up? Movie guy Joe Meyers was on to talk about the film's legacy, especially in a strong year of movie releases. Joe also had a Top 5 list for movies from 1982, including a comedy featuring a classic Bill Murray character. (0:00)

A viral TikTok doctor, Dr. Schmidt, was on to talk about the strangest things he's ever found inside a patient's backside. Sometimes, the patient is just as confused as he is about what comes out of there. (17:35)

Gadget Guy Steve Greenberg was on to explain the changes coming to iMessage for iPhone users, and AJ was confused how it all works. He tried to get some clarification from Siri, but that ended in spectacular failure as well. (29:54)

Ashley spent last night at Fenway Park with her father, to see the Paul McCartney concert. She had a whole review of the show. (40:40)

Image Credit: Ivan-balvan / iStock / Getty Images Plus