Randall Nickerson, Ariel Phenomenon - Outstanding Documentary of Alien Contact with School Children

Jun 10, 02:05 AM

UFOs, ETs, Sightings and Abductions At present, our scientists have yet to reconcile these events. And still they happen.

Ariel Phenomenon' a beautiful film about alien contact with school children in Africa. - Dan Aykroyd

Film Description: In this first feature documentary about the Ariel School UFO incident, Ariel Phenomenon explores an African extraterrestrial encounter witnessed by over sixty schoolchildren in 1994. As a Harvard professor, a BBC war reporter, and past students investigate, they struggle to answer the question: “What happens when you experience something so extraordinary that nobody believes you?”

Interviews with the children shortly after the event are compelling. Revisiting the few who would talk years later is a study in how traumatizing such an experience can be in a society that denies the possibility of the event at the outset. 

Randall talks about the challenge of bringing the story to light in a way that he felt did justice to the experiencers. All of the accounts are first-person. Even so, he says there is still a lot of information and background worth telling.

Witnessed by hundreds, there is no doubt something extraordinary happened.  Inclusion of Harvard Psychiatrist John Mack adds credibility. BBC News man Tim Leach was challenged. He knew this story was important - but the subject matter was no easy sell.  

Streaming is expected soon and DVD availability eventually. The biggest challenge by far was funding. Thankfully, that hurdle was overcome. 

While Randall is choosing to focus on the stories of other experiencers, I did question him about his own background. I believe it gives him an advantage in gaining access and telling these stories. 

Watch the film. This is an exceptional presentation with access to media and children at that time that few could have pulled off. There is something special about how this all played out and significance that it has become available at this time. 

It is finally okay to talk about experiences we cannot explain in the hope the conversation and information gleaned from comparing stories will eventually lead to answers.

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