Two army generals sentenced for maiming junior soldier leave prison in unclear circumstances.

Episode 1983,  Jun 12, 11:17 AM

Two army generals who were sentenced for amputating the arms of a junior soldier in Ruweng Admirative Area have left prison barely a year after being sentenced.

The convicts identified as Brig. Gen Alek and Maj. Gen Monykoang were sentenced to a jail term of 7years each and a compensation of 24 cows for maiming Atem Mayiik, over a missing phone.

According to Atem, the two Generals have bribed their way out of prison less than a year after the Mobile Military Court found them guilty.

The victim who lost both arms, says he does not have power to pursue justice and have the two army generals re-arrested.

When contacted for comment, Ruweng administrative Area Minister of Information Martin Bith Ngor promised to provide details on Monday.