Real Life Joker оr Evil Sаtаniѕt? Thе ТRUE & ТWISTED Cаse оf Jamie Osuna

Episode 6,  Jun 16, 2022, 04:00 AM

Hey everyone! Prepare yourselves because today we are covering the case of Jamie Osuna. I don’t even know where to begin with this one, Jamie Osuna committed some of the most horrific acts I have EVER heard of - I mean TRULY disturbing. They were so disturbing that the full details were never actually shared with the public. And this just left me thinking WHY?! How could someone do this? And that’s what we’re going to dive into today, there’s a lot of twists and turns in this one so be prepared!

Hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for listening xoxo

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If you have been affected by any of the themes in this episode, please consider visiting the following resources:

The Samaritans helpline: 116 123
Refuge domestic abuse helpline: 0808 2000 247 (live chat is also available at *times apply)
Safeline domestic abuse helpline: 01926 402 498 
Safeline national male survivor helpline: 0808 800 5005
Rape Crisis Helpline: 0808 802 9999 (help is also available at live chat at *times apply)
Sexual Assault Support Line: 01708 765200