Tuesday, June 14: Bob Stefanowski's Viral Comments; AJ Walks On Broken Glass; How Bad Is This Allergy Season?

Jun 14, 05:12 PM

Gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski was on to talk about his viral comments, urging Governor Lamont to "do something!" about the rising gas prices and inflation. (0:00)

AJ walked into this stunt completely in the dark, not asking a single question about how to do things properly. So, how did walking back and forth on a pile of broken glass work out for him? (14:43)

Chaz and AJ have been hearing a lot about how bad the allergy season is this year, even causing severe symptoms. Phil said that his wife, Amanda has been struggling with vertigo that has apparently been brought on due to allergies. The Tribe called in their solutions and stories from dealing with symptoms of vertigo. (19:10)

Image Credit: Birute / iStock / Getty Images Plus