Episode 6 - Tackling Stigma with Frank Bruno

Episode 6,   Jun 15, 2022, 01:13 PM

Gareth Thomas and Craig Doyle are joined by retired professional boxer and former heavyweight champion Frank Bruno.  Throughout his life and career, Frank has faced challenges and fought against stigma surrounding mental health, which led him to start the Frank Bruno Foundation. In this episode, Frank talks about the importance of being respectful, keeping calm and staying in control both inside and outside the ring. Gareth, Frank and Craig discuss the negative perceptions around issues such as mental health, and how Frank manages daily life outside of boxing while dealing with his bi-polar disorder. 
We hope you enjoy this next episode, the sixth in our series looking at how together we can tackle stigma, misunderstanding & discrimination around vital social issues, including HIV. Please get in touch with us with your thoughts, ideas and feedback. We’d love you to find out more about the Tackle HIV campaign by visiting tacklehiv.org, or check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.