Len Groat - 1977 Silver Jubilee on Trent

May 20, 2012, 11:56 AM

Some presenters make their mark and have an impact on your own early style. For me, Len Groat on Trent in 1977 was the chap who gave me jingle knowledge and that 'when to fire in the song' instinct. He also provided probably my first taste of 'imaging': not just station IDs, but audio to make the station feel like a great place to be.

This Audioboo box is not sufficiently large to tell all the Len stories, but he was certainly a key part of a time and a place in radio.

Here he is in full flow across the Queen's Silver Jubilee weekend in 1977. 'Make the Summer of 77 one to remember....". It is the stage at which the best ILR was gradually finding its identify, at last.