John Barstch's Death Threats

May 20, 2012, 03:46 PM

John Bartsch threatened to bury Connie Bedwell for reporting his and his wife's crimes. You can listen to him threaten to make sure Connie never sees her child again. This was the man that Auburn Police Department's Sergeant Pecoraro told Connie and Darrel that Connie's "friends" told him Connie was coaching Aaliyah. You can hear his motive in the recording. You'd think Srgeant Pecoraro would have done some actual detective work before giving a pedophile Dustin Thompson a child to freely molest. #Corruption #DaddySWorm #ConnieBedwell #DustinThompson #AaliyahBedwell #AuburnPoliceDepartment #ChildMolestation

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You all can read the 12 page police report regarding Tanya Bartsch stealing my identity, forging my signature and getting caught stealing at Nordroms with the incentive she got under my name. John threatened to murder me, bury me and make sure I get my child taken for reporting these crimes. He went to Victor Pecoraro and lied to him that "he was my friend and that I coached my daughter." Pecoraro didn't look him up and see all of this info in the police reports prior to him perjuring himself to APD, he made his premeditated motive clear in his voicemails all documented with Roseville and Rocklin police departments.Pecoraro closed the molestation case due to this mans lies as he explained to darrel over a phone call in which darrel was yelling at Pecoraro for not doing his job, nor watching the daddys worm video, nor contacting witnesses, etc. You can read the police report here: