Putin Loves Murder Suicide PT. 1

Jun 15, 2022, 09:10 PM


This episode of World of Drugs talks about suicide a great deal and utilizes journalism articles and opinions to discuss whether or not the suicides were authentic or carried out by covert forces in Russian politics under the direction of Vladimir Putin. This is not meant to diminish victims of suicide, families who have had a loved one commit suicide, or those who experience suicidal ideation in their daily lives. It is meant to demonstrate that learning about the issues with drug dealers, political leaders, and cartels across the world is important and something that should be paid attention to because it can reveal a plethora of problems that people are dealing with on a daily basis. – dr joe

Synopsis: Today on World on Drugs I’ll be talking with my guest about Vladimir Putin and how most Russian Oligarchs that have challenged him publicly or privately have died by murder suicide. Always an interesting choice of death when you’re incredibly rich and don’t have any problems besides the Russian government being uncomfortable with the amount of power you hold over a private industry. This episode of World on Drugs will show you that you don’t fuck with Putin and that money protects no one when a government is run like a mafia without any consequences.

GUEST Josh Potter Josh Potter is a stand-up comedian and podcaster. Born in Buffalo, NY, Josh got his start on morning radio. Now living in Los Angeles, CA he has not only changed the stigma about shoulder hair, he has also become a top rising comedian. After winning Helium Comedy Club’s comedy competition, he has gone on to work with Colin Quinn, Joey Diaz and Tom Segura. You can see Josh regularly on Your Mom's House podcast with Tom Segura and Christina P.







Spitznagel. (2013). The mysterious death of Boris Berezovsky: the Russian oligarch was found hanged in his home on March 23. Was it foul play? Bloomberg Businessweek (Online), 4324, 72–