Your Year of Magic With Sierra Vandervort: Unlocking Your Potential With The Power of the Moon!- Ep. 91

Episode 90,  May 04, 11:00 AM

Your Year Of Magic is finally here! Tune in to listen to us talk about Sierra's new book, the metaverse, the effects of social media, and more!

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We are so excited to have Sierra Vandervort back on the show for another episode! If you listened to Episode 81, Sacred Cycles for the New Year, you may remember that Sierra is a spiritual teacher, a yogi queen, and the founder of The Local Mystic, where she teaches women how to infuse magic into their everyday lives, and guides them to meet their full potential through spiritual mindfulness practices.

Today on Witchful Thinking, Sierra will be discussing her brand new book with us that just launched in April of this year, Your Year of Magic. This book is a moon magic journal and witchy workbook all in one, with the goal of helping you to discover the natural power of the moon and seasons and utilize them to feel good and reach your potential! Welcome back to the show, Sierra; it’s always a pleasure to have you!

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