Tish's SWOT Analysis and Prayer

Season 4, Episode 60,   Jun 22, 2022, 06:01 PM

I know, you are like, "where have you been Jess?" Chile, I have been busy focusing on my scaling brand and the Fashionpreneur Experience which is coming up in June!

We are officially halfway through 2022! Wow! Every 6 months, I love to do a deep dive into my business plans within a SWOT Analysis. Have you conducted your mid-year SWOT Analysis? Do you know what a SWOT Analysis is exactly? Well, yesterday within my 90-Day Intensive Summer Cohort, we conducted our 1st Q&A Masterclass and Lecture and we focused on SWOT!
I did things a little differently and conducted a SWOT Analysis for our Student Tish, Owner of Styled 4u Boutique! Style 4U is a Maryland Based boutique and online store! I was so happy that Tish stepped up to the challenge and allowed me to create a focus around her amazing brand!

Tish's brand is family-owned and has LOTS of opportunities for streams of revenue! Tish said I gave her about 3 months of homework LOL but that is quite alright! Watch the cash flow and sales increase through the summer and holiday season! WE ARE RECESSION PROOF over here! :)

I wanted to share a snippet of our class from yesterday!

Click here to watch and catch the prayer over on YouTube

Your Homework:
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