DEEP 'Bear Aware' Advisories - NAMI CT - MyHomeCT

Jun 26, 12:15 PM

Bears aren't just out there somewhere, they're marching into parks and yards, and even breaking into cars and homes. So what do you need to become more 'bear aware' - well, we've got all the answers for you as we visit with a state DEEP Bear and wildlife expert.

Then we'll check in with NAMICT, to find out how that agency is responding to the escalation of stress, anxiety, and mental health issues as we continue grappling with the COVID pandemic, and all the other issues putting undue strain on our already busy lives.

And you've been hearing about it - so we're going to close discussing MyHomeCT - a brand new program to cure mortgage delinquencies and defaults, prevent foreclosures among eligible homeowners and provide much needed assistance for qualified non-mortgage expenses.