"There is only now" - Formula 1's Will Buxton on his career, mental health and life after Drive to Survive.

Season 4, Episode 2,  Jun 27, 12:02 AM

Welcome to Episode 2, Season 4 of Monday Mile, this is the podcast where I take you on a one mile stroll as we find out what makes people tick, their secrets to success and how they feel about Monday mornings… so get subscribed.

This week, I’m joined by Will Buxton.  Now, for any F1 fan you will know this man, as he has been fronting Motorsport coverage for over 20 years for the likes of NBC in America and most recently he has been a regular host on F1 Digital, as well as giving his expert opinion for Netflix’s hugely popular "Drive to Survive" series. Will is used to chatting to Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton week in week out, but today he’s chatting to me. So put your headphones in, and join us as we walk through Regent's Park in London. 

We chat about the stresses of life, anxiety and how Will manages to switch off from one of the most demanding sporting media circuits in the world.  He explains his use of transcendental meditation, finding that one thing that allows you to channel your mind and find that focused state. He talks about his mantra, and how and why he strives for living for the now. 

Aimee will be probing for answers from the full spectrum of routines; the early birds who have finely tuned Monday mornings, to the late risers who struggle to get up before 11am. How do elite athletes find the motivation to kick start their week come rain or shine? How do celebrities deliver no matter what the time of day? What knowledge can they pass on?

Each episode drops on a Monday morning as a bitesize piece of content and weekly dose of motivation - right when you need it. Aimee will meet each of her guests for a walk and a chat and over the course of the mile she will find out how they cope on a Monday morning - their idiosyncrasies, breakfast routines, alarm noises - and how, when they need to, find the motivation to kick-on through the week. Sharing some of Britain's greatest athletes’ secrets on self-motivation, candid thoughts on what they struggle with and a sideways look at some of their more unusual morning habits. 

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Filmed and Edited by Tom Mallion