Monday, June 27: AJ's Jay Leno Encounter; Chaz's Lionel Richie Concert Experience; Rolling Stones Backstage Stories

Jun 27, 03:48 PM

Chaz and AJ both enjoyed busy, entertainment-filled weekends. However, AJ was finally granted an opportunity to meet one his comedy idols, Jay Leno. (0:00)

Tom Cantone from Mohegan Sun was on to talk about the Lionel Richie show this past weekend. Chaz and his wife Jennifer both loved the whole concert, including a little trick Lionel played on the audience before "Endless Love." (5:49)

Josh Kelly is the town manager in Winchester and is looking for some help. Recently, a home was discovered to be housing over 150 cats and there is already a surplus at the local animal shelters. (21:44)

Starting from when he was a teenager, Bill German got to go on tour with the Rolling Stones to write, publish and distribute the band's personal fan-zine, "Beggar's Banquet." He had incredible stories about the rock royalty he met along the way, and how he was nearly stuck outside on the sidewalk during the band's legendary performance at Toad's Place. (29:52)