78 | A message from the Sirians: 2 ways to enhance your psychic abilities

Jul 03, 08:00 PM

The Sirian star race is very present right now as we enter into the Lions Gate Portal. The alignment will peak on 8/8 for the Lions Gate Portal! 

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a potent time of the year for receiving psychic enhancements and downloads and so the Sirians have asked me to share with you practical ways to harness the Lion’s Gate portal to enhance your psychic abilities!

For this transmission, the Sirians want to share with us two important codes for psychic enhancements. These codes are silencing the mind with meditation and also curiosity and playfulness. 

This information is from my Sirian spirit guides and the Sirian frequencies within me. 

This transmission is full of many more keys channeled directly from the Sirians on psychic enhancement during the great awakening, the purpose of the mental system and how our mental system is our most powerful tool for experiencing higher states of consciousness and enhanced psychic abilities!

I am super excited to announce that this year I will be facilitating with my High Council and the Sirian star race a 2 part live event which is all about the evolution of sovereign consciousness. This event will be mind-blowing! 

For more information and to save your seat click here: https://cendrines.kartra.com/page/lionsgate2022

First release tickets are on sale now! The second release at a higher price will go on sale on the 15th of July.

This episode covers: 
  • The power of the Lions Gate Portal
  • The Lion’s Gate Portal live 2-part event
  • How star races work with humans to enhance their psychic abilities
  • Psychic enhancements during the great awakening
  • Practice silencing the mind for psychic enhancement
  • The purpose of the mental system
  • Having touch points in the day to create emptiness in the mind 
  • Using curiosity & playfulness for psychic enhancement
  • Recalibrating our mental system

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