Visually Impaired Sailor Emily Wright Completes Her First Round The Island Yacht Race with The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust on Solent Hero with Ellen on Board Too!

Episode 1279,  Jul 05, 08:16 AM

Time to take to the high seas again as we catch up with visually impaired sailor Emily Wright who took part in her first ever yacht race with the Round the Island Race on Saturday 25 June 2022 with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust on the Trust’s yacht Solent Hero with Ellen MacArthur joining the crew for the race too. 

RNIB Connect Radio’s Toby Davey began by asking Emily what the build up was like for the Round the Island Race, the practice day, getting up early on Saturday morning to get to the start line and what it was like waiting for the gun to go off for the start of Emily’s first Round the Island Race.

Emily described to Toby what it was like after the start gun had gone off, tacking up to that iconic Isle of Wight landmark, the Needles, sailing round the Island and coming back to Cowes to the finish line with the spinnaker (kite) flying and Emily taking the helm too while the kite was up. 

Emily also shared with Toby how inspiring it was to have Ellen join the crew of Solent Hero for the Round the Island Race 2022 passing on some good sailing tips and tricks to her and the rest of the crew of Solent Hero from some of the many races that Ellen has taken part in over the years.

Watch this space as it won’t be long before we hear more from Emily and maybe news about her first medal winning yacht race too!

To find out more about the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust do visit the Trust’s website-

And if like Emily you would like to get into sailing and racing as a blind or partially sighted person then do visit the GBR Blind Sailing website where you will find out more about opportunities to get into sailing and race training-

(Image shows Emily out at sea at the helm of a boat with some of her team around her, smiling towards the camera. There are other sailboats in the background and the sun is shining)