A thing of the past

Episode 258,  Jul 06, 05:30 AM

Ok folks! Settle in as Mike Parry and Lesley-Ann Jones publish their latest work - an enthralling episode of Planet Porky the podcast!

Today's topics include: LAJ's book, how AI may replace the author, lending people money, Steve Wright no longer being 'in the afternoon', Wogan House, mistaken identity, Porky's latest Twitter troll turmoil, why books are published at this time of year, Barbara Charone, the bitterness of Kenny Goss, being caught at Wimbledon with someone you shouldn't, Nick Kyrgios, female columnists sniping at other women, whether the American Empire is crumbling, and 100 year mortgages. It's the podcast that always looks after its friends, it's Life on Planet Porky.   

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